Big Horizons, Close Community

Big Horizons, Close Community

Announcing the MPLA Member Listserv

Join up to engage with colleagues from across the region about issues confronting MPLA libraries. Get advice, swap ideas, or explore any area of librarianship that interests you. This list is intended to be a method for MPLA librarians to freely discuss all aspects of the library profession, so dive right in!

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MPLA Access to Information Statement:

The Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA) represents librarians, library paraprofessionals and friends of libraries in our 12-state region. As a professional organization:

MPLA stands in support of the freedom to read, free speech, and unfettered access to information as inalienable rights protected by the First Amendment; and

MPLA supports librarians’ expertise in their selection of reading materials and provision of information resources to their patrons and communities. Professionally trained librarians use their expertise to purchase resources and books to develop collections appropriate for the communities they serve, while also allowing for the opportunity to learn about other populations or ideas that may be different from their own; and

Librarians around the world have studied S.R. Ranganathan’s five laws of library science, and MPLA would call out two of them:

  • Law 3 states “Every book its reader” – MPLA interprets this to mean that all books have a place in the library, even if only a small demographic might choose to read them; and
  • Law 5 states “A library is a growing organism” – MPLA supports everyone’s right to books and information; libraries should be a safe place where people can learn and grow; and a library should be a dynamic institution that is never static in its outlook

MPLA Supports ALA's Statement on Book Banning

Recently, the American Library Association launched Unite Against Book Bans, a national advocacy campaign to highlight and mobilize widespread public opposition to removal of reading materials from libraries and schools. This research-informed campaign will provide information, resources, and actionable measures to strengthen a national grassroots network and empower individuals and groups to take action in their communities and in their states.

We can't do this work alone. As the national voice for libraries, ALA has worked with a wide range of partners to advance the ideals that unimpaired access to information is a cornerstone of our democratic society and efforts to diminish the right to read are a threat to our democracy.

The American Library Association invites your organization to join UniteAgainstBookBans as a partner. Please review the attached statement and, if you are interested, please return the attached statement with the appropriate signature and contact information for your organization, along with a jpeg or png of your organization's logo, to:

Please reach out with any questions to Deborah Caldwell-Stone,, or Megan Cusick,

MPLA Statement on Racism

The Mountain Plains Library Association supports and endorses the statement made by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, their “Statement Condemning Increased Violence and Racism Towards Black Americans and People of Color,” which was later endorsed by the American Library Association and the Association of Research Libraries. MPLA also supports the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association in condemning violence, racism, and xenophobia towards Black people and all people of color. MPLA also supports the statements made by our member State Associations regarding antiracism, violence, and xenophobia.

ALA Chapters Condemn Systemic Racism

BCALA Statement

APALA Statement


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